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Details Symbian-OS-Platform-Security-Software-Development-Using-the-Symbian-OS-Security-Architecture-Symbian-Press

Symbian OS Platform Security Symbian OS is an advanced, customizable operating system, which is licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers. The latest versions incorporate an enhanced security architecture designed to protect the ...

83,90 EUR*
Details IK-Multimedia-iRig-Midi-2-universelles-Interface

Das IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2 ist ein mobiles MIDI Interface mit Kompatibilität zu iPad, iPhone, Android Geräten, Windows und Mac OS X. Es verfügt über ein MIDI I/O und einem MIDI Thru. Inklusive folgender Software Instrument Apps: Sample Tank free ...

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Details More-Time-for-You-A-Powerful-System-to-Organize-Your-Work-and-Get-Things-Done

More Time for You Shows you how to take advantage of the versatile and effective productivity enhancers mobile devices, online tools, and calendar software to become more organized and lead a less stressful life. This book shows how to prioritize ...

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Details M-Audio-Axiom-AIR-Mini-32-Kompakter-MIDI-USB-Keyboard-VIP30-Pad-Controller-Ignite-Ableton-Live-Lite-Inkl

M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32 - Mobiler Keyboard- & Pad Controller refurbished (B-Ware) Axiom Air Mini 32 kommt mit Drum- & Trigger Pads, Minitasten, Transport- und Software-Navigation-Buttons und zuweisbaren Drehreglern daher. Mittels Oktavwahlschalter ...